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Welcome to Asola Bhati Sanctuary

A Landscape Approach

The Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary has a unique place in India’s network for protected areas. It is the only protected area representing the northeastern, rolling outliers as a landform of the country’s oldest hill ranges, the Aravallis. Thus it geographically represents a landform not earlier represented in the national P.A. network. This, therefore, is a value of national significance. As a ‘wildlife’ sanctuary it is very different from the popular perception of a sanctuary. The sanctuary covers an area of 32 sq kms and this urban sanctuary could be a role model for all the conservation work undertaken by the Department of Forests & Wildlife GNCT of Delhi.

  • Climate
  • Floral Diversity
  • Faunal Diversity


Bird Watching

To experience the rich wildlife of Asola Bhatti, few birding trails of different lengths and difficulty have been developed. One can take Blue bull trail (5km), Sandgrouse trail (3.5km), Sparrow trail (2.5kms) and Palash trail (2km) to some of the characteristic birds of our region. The commonly seen birds like Peafowl, Common Woodshrike, Sirkeer Malkoha and Indian Scops owl can be added to the rarities like Painted Sandgrouse, Black Eagles and Oriental scops owl in one trip. The forest being of semi-arid and dominated by open canopies makes for easy viewing for the visitors. Please carry a pair of binoculars to have an enjoyable experience.

Nature Walk

Visitors of all ages can access these curated walks around Tuglakabad Gate. There is a Butterfly Park (4 acre) and Aravalli Forest Centre (4 acre) with easy walking trails providing a glimpse of the forest that lies inside. One can choose to on a Jungle Walk (1.5km) which takes one through the some of the old growth Dhau forest of the Sanctuary. All the parks and trails have designated markings with boards and signage installed to assist travelers and impart information on the flora and fauna of the region. A perfect option for big groups wanting to experience urban wildlife and plants.

Neeli Jheel Drive

To truly experience the splendor of Aravalli hills, visitors can obtain permits at the entry gate to take their vehicles to Neeli jheel (14kms). A crystal blue lake deep inside the forest serves as a perfect vantage point for spectacular photographs and out of this world views. The drive to the lake goes through different habitats of the forest showcasing the grasslands and dense jungles of the sanctuary. With Nilgai, Golden Jackals, Spotted Deers seen in plenty, the drive also offers a chance to see the elusive Ruddy mongoose. It makes for a great bird watching trip too, with raptors and migratory winter birds coming to the lake in great numbers. Occasionally, Leopards can also been seen if one is lucky!











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